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A Brief History of Marijuana Law

As many are probably aware of these days, marijuana has become a frequent topic in American political discourse, as well as in many other nations around the world. It seems as though the world is in a state of re-realization of what positive benefits the marijuana plant has to offer, how we can sensibly regulate its use, and why the alternative perspectives being enforced through current laws have largely gotten it, well, pretty much all wrong.

Throughout the extent of recorded history, marijuana has only been illegal for about 1% of the time. Indeed, in the United States, a nation largely responsible for most of the intentional dispraise injected into the public discourse about marijuana, the plant has only been illegal since the late 1930’s. Even then, the primary reason was a financial based political gain for a few greedy and perhaps quite power-hungry men. Indeed, few truly know the history of cannabis.

Through a concerted attempt to demonize the marijuana planet and all who would dare to use it, the U.S. government set into motion one of the most elaborate propaganda campaigns in all of history. In the early thirties, Henry J. Anslinger was recruited to tell the world that, inevitably, if a person were to come into contact with this “radical tool of the devil”, they could expect insanity, violence, and gross moral turpitude to ensue.

Fortunately though, people around this nation, as well as globally conscientious thinkers have grown past the understanding that most of this propagandist hyperbole as just that, a massive and organized campaign to forcefully alter and control the way they consciously feel and think about cannabis. Throughout the world there are organizations popping up that are dedicated to reversing the misinformation that was forcefully administered over the first half of the twentieth century.

In the U.S., for example, people are rapidly waking up to not only the lies that have been told, but also to the actual useful truths about marijuana, and its seemingly natural fit with our human genetics. Today, there are numerous state laws being considered that would allow for full legalization of the marijuana plant, with most opting to regulate the plant similarly to how alcohol current is. Additionally, over 16 states have already based state-wide measures to allow doctor certified patients to use marijuana to mitigate chronic and debilitating circumstances. But the U.S. certainly isn’t alone in their revelation about the need for legal changes in regards to adult marijuana use, as many nations either already have or are seriously considering new approaches of full-out legalization.

To learn more about the myriad uses for marijuana, check out an excellent page about Dr. Lester Grinspoon here, or watch the video above. Additionally, there is some great information about a premier marijuana and lung cancer study, here, and video of Dr. Donald Tashkin talking about it here.

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